Add ArcMafia
to your server
Command Usage Description
mafia arc.mafia [optional setup name] Creates a new mafia game.
pmafia arc.pmafia [optional setup name] Creates a new private mafia game.
leave arc.leave Leaves your current game.
invite arc.invite Displays the invite link to the official ArcMafia server.
ref arc.ref <code> (Server owner only) Uses a referral code to give you and the referrer access to text colors if your server has at least 50 members.
getref arc.getref Get your referral code to give to server owners. You both gain access to text colors when they invite the bot to their 50+ member server.
colors arc.colors <'name' or 'speech'> <color> Set in-game text colors.
avatar arc.avatar <imgur url> Set your in-game avatar to an imgur image.
resetavi arc.resetavi Reset your in-game avatar to your Discord avatar.
delete arc.delete Irreversibly deletes your ArcMafia account info.